Culture Honey writer Brian Biery, reviewed The End of Blindness for their November edition and snagged an exclusive interview with Dr. Samuel Bora.

Here’s our favorite question and his response:

How did you become an ophthalmologist?

After completing my undergraduate study I became a General Physician and started my work at Aira hospital where I was born. During that time from 2001 to 2004 I had a chance to work with one of the health assistants who was taking care of ophthalmology cases, including cataract surgery.

I saw patients who came in led by relatives and then the day after surgery they were smiling and walking out of the hospital on their own. He even went on to tell me that the type of surgery done in Addis Ababa is far superior to what he did. So I asked him what it takes to do that kind of training. He said an MD (was required), so I felt very happy since I was able to fulfill that criteria.

Since that moment the idea to remove cataracts grew continuously in my heart, so I decided to go for ophthalmology. I thank my Lord as he helped me make that decision regardless of the challenges.

Thank God I studied ophthalmology. It happened that I enjoy and love doing cataract surgery and the Lord blessed my hand. So doing surgery is not a burden for me. I was born to a poor family and got the rarest chance (I believe it was a divine arrangement) to be a medical doctor and an eye surgeon.

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